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We are located in GTA  Toronto, so our service can be performed promptly and to meet your buzy schedule.  The cost for our duct cleaning services is extremely competitive when you consider the measures we take to do a thorough complete source removal.  Toronto Air Duct Cleaning provide free fast phone quotes with up front pricing.  Our service is all inclusive, meaning there is NO miscellaneous charges such as set up fee or travel charges. With our multi-step procedures, we are unmatched in our thoroughness in Greater Toronto Area.

Dust control is a problem for Factories, Industrial Plants, Manufacturing Plants, Food Plants, Hospitals, Medical Facilities, Industrial Facility and High Rise Buildings. Dust will cause  damage and expensive repairs to computers, machinery and equipment.

The Commercial Cleaning division has  certified and trained technicians  to provide High Surface Cleaning services :rafter and ceiling cleaning, conduit, piping, ductwork, lighting,  and other hard to reach dusty surfaces.

Commercial and industrial cleaning services off: HVAC, Exhaust Systems, Rafter cleaning, Ceiling cleaning, Combustible dust removal, Dust Collectors, Fire and water damage cleanup, factory cleaning and more.

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Step 1:  A high powdered Truck vacuum is attached to your air duct system to collect dust and debris removing 99.97% of harmful contaminants.

Step 2:  High pressure compressed air and special nozzles dislodge light dust and blow it towards the vacuum.  While this is where most air duct cleaning companies stop, we have only begun.

Step 3:  Special "Air brushes(air snake) scrub interior air duct surfaces clean.

Step 4:  Compressed air blasts dirt away to the filtration vacuum system.

Step 5:  Air power brush system is used to mechanically brush insides with an exclusive Power Strap Head that agitates the dirt loose.

Step 6:  If mold or mildew is suspected, these allergy causing bugs are eliminated through our application of the only one sanitizer approved by health Canada.

Did you know that the air in the work place is an estimated 32 to 99 times more polluted than outdoor air? Your employees and co-workers may be eating, breathing and working in air containing contaminates such as mold spores, bacteria, fungus, dust and odor causing particulate matter.

Condominium Buildings office towers with polluted air threaten the health of its occupants, especially those with allergies. In case after case, these indoor pollutants have been proven to cause health risks with symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, fatigue, sore throats, irritated eyes and allergic reactions.

Toronto Duct Cleaning system will reduce commercial contaminates and safely sanitize the ducts to help prevent the breeding of pollutants in the work place. This is important for all the occupants (residents ore office workers) of your building.

The Benefits of Regular Commercial Duct Cleaning

Inexperienced service provider may cause damage to your existing ducts instead of repairing it. Commercial duct cleaning when done appropriately is one way of saving energy. It is said that removing at least four-tenths of an inch of dusts can lessen energy consumption up to 21%. Therefore, regular  Duct Cleaning definitely can save considerable amount of money in your electric bills.

Thorough Duct Cleaning Longer HVAC Life Span Life is Preserved

The air is important element used by human to live. In every building a cooling system is used to make the space more comfortable to live in. It offers the best work place as well as a commercial building. Commonly used cooling system is centralized. In connection with this, it is very important to make sure that clean air is possibly emitted by this system. And the accumulation of dirt in the parts of cooling system is unavoidable. There are service providers offering duct cleaning longer furnace life span to make these spaces cleaner and fresher for a longer time. It is also true that a duct cleaning longer furnace life span can make sure that every people who live in work on these buildings will not worry about their life and health. And in order one gets that information of service providers of the duct cleaning longer HVAC life span the internet is an open market for them. There are also those who offer Duct Cleaning longer furnace life span that their products and services are more effective than the others. It is important to keep an eye in every detail.

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Duct Cleaning Toronto has been providing duct cleaning services in the Ontario area since 1987. Our company is comprised of the very best duct technicians. Our loyalty and dedication to our customers has been and always will be a great and important aspect of our company. 

Duct cleaning is the most important part of the indoor air quality

The duct system in Toronto  commercial buildings are design to hold up to 40 LB. of dust and debris that cause disease and can irritate allergies, if you accumulate over that amount dust in your factory you will see visual dust on the hard wood floor andequpment right after you clean the commercial building. That is the red light to you; your system can’t hold more dust you need duct cleaning.

Most common indicators How often should I have  duct cleaning?  and  when should I clean my ducts?

1.    Spring cleaning  of factories and commercial buildings
2.    water has entered your duct work from a leaky roof or pipe
3.    Detail of commercial building
4.     air conditioner condensation drainage system was not functioning properly
5.    age of the factory
6.    age of the persons living in the commercial building
7.    where you live  buy HGWY construction zone
8.    have pets or smokers lived in the commercial buildings
9.    rodent problems
10.    nearby  fire
11.    moving into a new commersial building
12.    allergies or asthma
13.    Detail of commercial buildings
14.    Factory organization
15.    flooding in your factory or in your area
16.    if someone in the house suffering from unknown medical issues, especially respiratory
17.    recently completed any commercial building remodeling
18.    leaky roof or leaky pipes
19.    Factory de-cluttering services
20.    fires or other disasters in your area
21.    visible mold growth in the ducts
22.    Post renovation cleaning
23.    Post construction cleaning
24.    Pre-sale cleaning
25.    Move-out cleaning
26.    Move-in cleaning
27.    Factory organization


Toronto duct cleaning services the commercial buildings and factories in Ontario.

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